Boost Cell Service inside church

Howdy all,

Curious if any of you have had to boost the cell service in your building(s) and whether you’d recommend them? This would be for up to a couple thousand cell phones at a time inside our church sanctuary. Currently, we have merely a bar or two of coverage for AT&T, while Sprint and Verizon and TMobile are pretty weak. I’d like to boost generally…

…and of course, church-friendly pricing and installation. :wink:

Thank you in advance for any direction

Jeremy Hoff
Shepherd Church
(818) 831-9333

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I haven’t utilized any tech. for this, but one small help might be if you have wireless access, some phone calls can be handed off to the WiFi network - I know T-Mobile offers this, unsure about others.

If you use one vendor for all of your cellular stuff, they might be able to get a discount on doing a distributed antenna system.

We used a company called seamlesscellular.
We just built a 2800 seat worship center with concrete walls and had 0 bars. they came on 2 days notice and did the survey; the day before thanksgiving and installed within 10 days of acceptance. Very impressed with service and quality of products.We now have enough service for all the carriers.
It was hard to find any company to do this kind of work on this scale.

Thank guys.
Great info – appreciate the leads and ideas!

We use the FORCE5 Five Band Amplifier Kit that we got from We had a dual band system before that but most carriers moved off those bands and we had to get something new. This one isn’t as powerful so we had to move the antennas around. The company said that they are more regulated now on power output so you they don’t cover as well as they used to so you just have to make sure you have enough antennas and place them well.

Thank Jeremy! Appreciate the info.