Blackbaud Church Management

Does anyone have any experience with or knowledge of Blackbaud’s Church Management product? For example, features compared to some of the other well-known church management products or just general user experience.

Hi Paula,
We have been looking at Blackbaud and other church management software recently as well. So I too would be interested in any feedback from users of the product.

We almost went with them.

We really liked Seraphim, the product BlackBaud acquired to move into the church space. However, BlackBaud’s product, at least, as of a couple months ago, was still not quite built enough for our needs. It’s a fantastic tool for donor management–probably the best product out there if that’s what you’re looking for–but it didn’t have the more care-focused items we were looking for.

We ended up choosing TouchPoint instead. You can see our ChMS evaluation rubric here:


James, thanks for sharing that awesome comparison spreadsheet. I can see this saving us and other churches a lot of leg work!

You are an angel! Thank you so much for sharing.