Best prize (2016 national conference)

(BA) #1

What do you think the best prize was?

(Mike Hazelwood) #2

Besides the Grand Prize trip, the drones.

(Jason Powell) #3

Getting to meet @subq IRL!

(Justin Moore) #4

Pics or it didn’t happen!

(Jason Powell) #5

(BA) #6

that’s just not right…going from nothing to “pic blast”…abuse of power (there is a story behind that)!

p.s. I originally just typed ‘grrrr’ but @codatory set it to stop stuff like that :slight_smile:

(Paul Tedder) #7

Apple Watch Edition 2 followed closely by $374 cash from ThirtySeven4

(Karl Peterson) #8

Grand Prize, Drones, 374$ (Such a good branding idea), Apple Watch.

But more importantly, from a 10’000 foot view. I liked the prevalence of 15~25$ gift cards. It’s not possible for everyone to win something (and it shouldn’t be). But by having a lot of those types of cards, you were able to use giveaways as a way to delight a larger group of people.

(Alex Conner) #9

You can always flag the post :wink:

(Jim Michael) #10

I won a SUPER great prize this year… a BUSINESS CARD HOLDER! It was a beat up spiff off some vendor’s table. Of course the next prize they called after me was the Apple Watch. Good times :grin:

(Jason Powell) #11

The $374 cash from ThirtySeven-Four was very clever!

(BA) #12

uh huh, and who gets those? :slight_smile:

…what flagged post? heheh

(BA) #13

I liked the large amount of prizes, the prize gun, etc etc…

It’s nice when a bunch of people can at least get something (like a $25 gift card).

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(Michael Sadowski) #14

I kept my streak alive this year–since attending Nat’l Conferences since 2011, yet to win a “big prize” from either random name draws or vendors. I have no doubt that streak will be held up in Dallas next year! :+1:

(Tim Peterson) #15

Definitely the overall amount of prizes was a great idea! If I had to pick a single prize I would go with the Apple Watch.

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(Dave Mast) #16

It’s hard to narrow this down. If I had to choose one, I’d say the $374. (cash is king, man)

Honestly, the sheer volume of prizes was fantastic. There were several opportunities to win something… Breaking that up across loads of small gift cards was great.

And though it wasn’t a “prize” per se, that Anker charger is clutch.

(Craig Mashburn) #17

I am in the same boat, only a little shorter. 2013.

(Alex Conner) closed #18