Best Practices for distributed Sunday School resources

One of our pastors needs a shared SharePoint site or folder so he can distribute leadership resources. In the past I’ve set up separate SharePoint sites for leadership resources for a particular ministry. Each ministry has their own site already for team collaboration. Then I set sharing permissions so those accessing the resources don’t have to log in. it’s worked out well but it seems it’s overkill to create an entire SharePoint for teaching materials for distribution. My other options are:

  1. create a folder in the documents folder on an existing site
  2. create a new library on an existing site

I’d don’t know what best practices are.

Do you have an org-wide team? You could probably designate a channel or folder for that so everyone who needs it has access to it.

thank you. I settled for a new site. I wanted a separate site so I can set looser permissions.

IMO, there are lots of services you can use to host this material. If it’s accessible (everyone has permissions), doesn’t create a security problem for other material hosted there, and can be accessed via a link those are the main technical requirements.

Where I see most churches fall short of best practices is in where and how they communicate this to the church. You need to make it easy and relevant to those you are communicating. If it’s leadership resources, you should have a way to communicate to your leaders and send it to them not the whole church. Similarly, if you have resources for parents to do with their kids, send it to the parents of kids. Put all of this on your website, but in appropriate sections.

Every time we communicate we are teaching your recipients to either pay attention to what you have to say, or to ignore you.

Your ChMS may have options to upload files for groups, this helps drive people to use the database you already have.

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thank you for your responses

Microsoft Teams would have been a great place to host the files. Not only could he share files, leaders could communicate with one another through the threaded conversations. They could even video meet or chat through the teams desktop or mobile app.