Best internet customer support

What companies have you have good business internet support from.

We’re currently looking between Spectrum, Everstream, and AT&T here. Any other experiences would be worth hearing about as well.

We have a client getting Everstream in the next few weeks—pricing was similar to Comcast (fiber) but with ability to spike to double rated speed any time. AT&T’s fiber can be cheaper than Comcast if you can get both…but AT&T and Comcast enterprise products are generally fine, just expensive if you don’t need/want the full dedicated lines since that’s all they offer if you can’t get AT&T Business Fiber. Everstream being a regional provider is probably better to work with, but I don’t have direct experience with service—yet—as noted above. I do have a good rep there and can help you get quoted if there’s coverage.

I just realized you said Spectrum was an option. I would recommend removing them from said options if you have the ability :slight_smile:

AT&T’s enterprise support is unrivaled. They’ll call you every time your firewall reboots to make sure things are OK. They have some of the most proactive maintenance notifications, etc.

Everstream is relatively new to our market, so I don’t know their overall track record and nobody really knows what it’s like here.

Sprectum, well, you can take their circuit if it’s cheap but don’t expect much out of it. It’ll probably be up a lot with good performance, but when it isn’t you better not need it that bad.

I am with a group of 42 Christian radio statons located in AL, FL, GA, MO, NC, and SC. We deliver audio to each site over the internet using a variety of vendors. Of course, the same vendor is not available at all sites. But, we have found that where Spectrum or AT&T, or Comcast, or another vendor may have great support for a local site on the granular level, each is not the same depending on which service area it is in. Overall, probably Spectrum has given the best support.