Barcode Scanners for ACS Attendance

Does anyone know why a generic 2D barcode scanner would not work with ACS for posting attendance? The one our receptionist uses for posting attendance decided to stop working today. It’s like 10 years old. She contacted ACS and was sent to these two links:

Problem is the cheaper one is out of stock and apparently won’t be back until July. Our receptionist would like the scanner to be wireless because the one she has now is :roll_eyes:.

I found a Motorola scanner on Amazon - $186, and I’m certain it would work, but thought I’d post here first just in case someone has had bad experiences with 3rd party hardware and ACS.

I just remembered when I was a kid and none of the Christians would go to the grocery store that installed barcode readers because they were sure that the barcodes were the mark of the beast… fun times. Of course, now they are invaluable assets to most children’s ministries and other check-in areas. Anyhow, my understanding is that the barcode scanner just converts the bars to text and often gets seen as a keyboard so they tend to be relatively interchangeable in POS applications, so in theory, it should work.


It should work but it may be necessary to figure out what escape sequences and whatnot are required and understand how to program the barcode reader. But in general, as long as they can read the barcode format in play, and do the correct key sequences they work fine.

Good to know. We’ll give it a shot and if it doesn’t work, I’ll send it back.

Okay, so here is the run down on how to get this particular scanner to work. It is now the Zebra Symbol Scanner instead of Motorola. IF anyone needs to buy one of these and you are on ACS, you can use this config file to set up the scanner for UPC Code 39 and the return symbol added to the end via ACS requirements.

You scan the barcodes in order to set up the scanner.