Backing up staff Macs to the cloud

Greetings, my church uses Mosyle for MDM and were looking for a good solution for doing cloud backups for our Mac users. What is everyone doing?

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We do our best to backup created content. Since we are a Microsoft shop, we choose to do that through OneDrive with the relatively recent addition of Known Folder Move (KFM). Now, we can choose to backup the Desktop and Documents folder to OneDrive for all of our Macs. Furthermore, we backup our Microsoft 365 Data, including OneDrive, with Dropsuite. When we deploy a new computer, once the user logs in to OneDrive and opts to backup their Desktop and Documents folders, all of the files from the previous computer become available.

I have a solution that we use from MBS that backs up a Mac to the cloud every day. Shoot me an email and I can send you the details. It does more than KFM and is great in case of full device loss.

Hi Jonathan. I sent an email to you yesterday at I am interested in more details about the Mac backup solution from MBS.