Are you using Yammer? Do you have a policy for usage?

We are interested in using Yammer (initially) for morale building purposes inside the building. We feel it will help us break down departmental barriers and help foster teamwork.

There are people who are afraid of bad things will happen.

Has anyone started using Yammer? Have you had problems with users making inappropriate comments. Did you write a policy for the usage of Yammer.


We use Microsoft Teams which is built on the same framework as Yammer. We do not have any different policies from email or social media postings.

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We are currently using Slack, but Microsoft Teams has caught my eye as a potential option - not in small part due to Microsoft’s quite generous free accounts + discounts for nonprofits. I’d look at Teams, as my guess is that Microsoft will eventually roll Yammer into Teams.

Ben, has anyone ever posted anything inappropriate.

Dave, right now you can embed Yammer into a Team site. I also have it embedded in a regular HTML page so people have a few ways to participate if they don’t have a mobile device. There is also a Windows Yammer desktop client which is pretty neat.

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We are on the Teams train here too.

I don’t really see a reason to have a specific policy for using an internal communication tool. Use of any tool like that is already covered by our Statement of Faith and Standards of Conduct, Lifestyle Expectations, anti-harassment policy, etc. which are all in our employee handbook. No one has ever expressed concern over things employees might post on Teams. I suspect if someone were to post something objectionable, that would prompt a conversation with a supervisor or higher and possible termination depending on which part of the handbook their comments fell under.

To create or modify your usage policy and usage policy settings, in the Yammer admin center, click Usage Policy . Select when users should see the policy , and whether to display the reminder in the sidebar. Enter your usage policy title, and sidebar message. Enter your usage policy text.