Are You Using Ubiquiti Products? If So, How Many and For What?

Hi Folks,

New to these forums. I’m interested in finding other churches that are using Ubiquiti projects - was hoping you all might be willing to share what Ubiquiti products you are using, what quantity, and for what?

Currently I have Ubiquiti installed at two campuses and our central office.

At our office I currently have a security gateway installed, though haven’t finished moving things over from current security gateway to this one. (This device, imho, is a bit of a bear to configure, not nearly as easy as most other Ubiquiti products I’ve worked with). We also have a Cloud Key, a 24 port UniFi GbE PoE switch, and one UniFi AC Pro AP.

At one campus we have two older UniFi AC Pro AP’s and a 8-port 1 GbE PoE switch.

At the remaining campus we have a four APs, a 24 port 1 GbE PoE switch, a Cloud Key, and are about to install the smaller (and less expensive) security gateway at this location.

We are also building out a new facility where I’m looking using Ubiquiti in dozens of locations throughout a 125k sq ft building to provide complete wireless access.

We also have several other campuses where I plan to roll out Ubiquiti as well. I’m also interested in rolling out their camera solution, though we’d need to build our own NVR as their offering is much too small.


I manage a rather large variety of UniFi installations. A summary is:

  • Multi-Campus church in all non-high-density areas (offices, coffee shop, etc.) (about 30 APs across all campuses so far)
  • Residential retirement home (4 long-range AC APs providing basic access on 3 floors)
  • Residential retirement home (2 long-range AC APs providing basic access on 3 floors)
  • Large Home (6 AC-Pro APs)
  • Medium sized church
  • Dozens of Homes & Small Businesses

I’ve used their NVR before, and it’s fine for a relatively small deployment or anywhere you don’t want something super advanced. I’ve also put in several CloudKeys and they’re pretty good.

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Interesting! Thanks for sharing! When was the last time you worked with the NVR?

Sounds like you are a big Ubiquiti fan? :slight_smile:

  1. Ubiquiti APs are great for a Wireless Bridge between Buildings
    A. One location uses a pair of NanoStation M5’s as a wireless bridge between two buildings $78 per ap.
    B. Another Location uses a pair of NanoBeam M5’ws M5’s as a wireless bridge between two buildings $66 per ap.
    C. Side job using a pair NanoStation M5’s. Main house has internet, AP in mounted under overhang facing the house Across the Street. 2nd house has AP inside of Window facing across street. Download speed across the street average download speed is 25-28 mbps. Works great even in -14 degrees Fahrenheit.

  2. We use Unifi AC Pro Aps at the 6 smaller campuses. There is an average of 3-4 per campus. One Central Controller running in a Virtual Machine with a Site for each campus.


Joe - Thanks! What do you use at your larger campus(es)?

Ruckus with Two Zone Directors configured with fail over.

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22 regular APs and 3 Pro APs. 1 Camera so far but plan on getting a few more.
4 unifi nano beam AC
2 nano station M

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