Apple Remote Desktop Importing List Issues?

We are going to start using Apple Remote Desktop for our mac computers.
There has been issues with trying to import a list into ARD. We use JAMF for our management. So I imported a list into ARD from JAMF as a csv file with the following columns in it: computer name, user name, operating system version, mac address, last checkin, and ip address. This failed the scanner would not show anything.
Next we imported the same list from JAMF as a xml file same result nothing.

Now questions are what are we doing wrong?
I keep reading about plist. Does this file have to be a plist?
Is their away to create a plist from JAMF?
Or even convert a csv or xml file that we have as a plist?

If any one can shed some light on how to going about importing a working list would greatly be appreciated.