Apple Management Revisited

Hoping to revisit a conversation from last year as so much changes so fast. I was ready to pull the trigger and go with Addigy, but was just told by their rep that they no longer have the non-profit rate of $2/machine/month I was quoted last summer and in fact have no non-profit discount at all, giving me a quote of $6/machine/month.

Not much savings as Jamf Pro is only $7.17 and seems to be still regarded by everyone as the gold standard in Apple Management.

What are you using or wish you were using?


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Kyle, I’d seriously look at Mosyle’s offerings. We use them, and couldn’t be happier.

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Thanks Shawn. I had seen your comment in the thread from last year, but when I had checked them out their Terms strictly said schools only. So I sent them an email today to verify that we could use their product in case things changed since you talked with them. Just waiting for their response.

Mosyle Business is $1/device monthly (paid annually) and doesn’t require any expensive on-boarding. Highly recommend it.


We just set up Mosyle Business for a customer to manage a handful of geographically disparate iPads and it’s pretty slick. For the price, it’s amazing. Very likely going to dig into some Mac management with it here shortly–the SSO with AzureAD for Mac looks amazing on top of everything else.

Thanks so much guys for telling me more than once so it finally sank in. :slight_smile:

Not sure if I just missed it or Mosyle “Business” has been added since I checked them out and thought they were school only. Gonna definitely go with them.

Any deployment tips you might have to share that I would find beneficial?

Business is a newer version. Originally they only offered education edition.

I would suggest in terms of getting started that you map out your goals, then take a couple devices and configure them a few different ways, including wiping and starting over. That way you have an end to end feel for how it works