Anyone using Verizon One Talk for a multicampus phone system?

(Jill Eldridge) #1

Has anyone tried Verizon One Talk? They are offering us a very nice deal on equipment with no contract…just haven’t heard anything about service quality. Thanks!

(Jeremy Good) #2

It’s on my list to look into as well. When I looked at it a year ago the numbers didn’t work for us.

(Jill Eldridge) #3

Thanks Jeremy! Can you unpack “numbers didn’t work for us”…was that the expense as far as hardware or were there “hidden costs” that I may not have noticed?

(Jeremy Good) #4

Our current solution is crazy cheap with a combination of using Grasshopper and 8x8. All I remember is that it was a significant increase from where we are at.

(Kenny Martin) #5

I’d like to hear more about what y’all are going with Grasshopper. If you’re willing, email me at with your phone number so I can call you sometime. Thanks