Anyone using OneDrive without any other backup?

I really would like to transition all of our users to OneDrive (Office 365). However, not having a backup somewhere is gnawing at me. Just wanted to see if other people out there are doing OneDrive for Business alone.

Hi Craig, I have been encouraging my staff users to use OneDrive as well. We have been on 0365 for two years, and I’m still finding Dropbox Business accounts in the environment.
We currently are not backing up OneDrive, but I do have plans to look at options to back it up.
You are not alone…

We do not have another backup (depend on Microsoft). Occasionally the issue comes up because someone failed to save or deleted documents. I think that some folks get nervous about it in a worst case scenario, but I feel like data access and good organization is better than a large collection of dusty information “just in case.”

What is your current retention policy?

Right now, laptops store everything local and get backed up with Crashplan. Desktops have all their docs on the server which not only is copied between two servers (using DFS) it gets backed up to rotating external hard drives daily. Not to mention the two servers are on RAID 1’s so there is another possible point of backup.

Funny thing is, in the 13 years I have been here, do not think I have ever had a failure where I needed to use any of the backups! But they sure make me sleep better.

Oh, it should definitely gnaw at you now that those O365 API crypto phishing attacks are out there (encrypts all emails and files… pretty sure some variants remove all older versions as well so you can’t roll back). Anyhow, there are a few vendors that provide O365 backup, I’ve worked with Veeam and Cloudberry and both work pretty well. A lot of guys swear by skykick but I haven’t used it, same goes for Datto as they also have a popular solution but I don’t have much experience with it (pretty sure you need to purchase that through a Datto partner as they are MSP channel only).