Anyone Using Mitel Connect?

(Andy Baker) #1

We have been on a ShoreTel on-prem VOIP phone system for over 4 years. ShoreTel has since been acquired by Mitel, and we’re looking to move to a truly cloud based VOIP system.
Mitel’s cloud offering in named Mitel Connect. Has anyone else made the transition to Mitel Connect that would be willing to share your experiences?
Our current ShoreTel on-prem hardware is end of support next December.

(Norman Ho) #2

If you are currently using Office365 you might want to consider their Cloud PBX solution. Pretty easy to deploy and clear lines. You might want to try one or two lines to test first.

Non-Profit Pricing USD
Common Area Phone $3.20@/mth
Phone System $3.20/user/mth
(Commercial) Domestic Calling Plan $12/user/mth
(Commercial) Domestic and International Calling Plan $24/user
Note: You need to pair either the Common Area Phone or Phone System license with a Domestic or International Calling Plan. Unless you have E5 then that includes the Phone System license.

Minutes are pooled. So if you get 10 x 3000 minute plans, all the users will share 30,000 minutes for the month.

(Andy Baker) #3

Thanks for your response Norman. I’ve been out of the office for a few days so I’m just now seeing this. We are on Office 365 and I’ve certainly considered looking at Microsoft Cloud PBX. I just haven’t had the bandwidth time wise to fully check it out and see if the feature set gives us what we need.
Thanks for sending the document links I will certainly read up on it and see if it may be a good fit for us price & feature wise.

(Alex Conner) #4

I’ve spent a lot of time looking into Teams / CloudPBX, and I frankly don’t feel like it’s a good value or ready for prime time. It’s quite feature-limited compared to even the most basic PBX, and the cost per extension and questionable long-term hardware status make it difficult for me to recommend to anyone. It’s still quite a bit in flux, but I think Q4 of 2019 it’s going to be a pretty compelling option once the Skype->Teams transition is complete and a long-term decision is made about hardware.

(Andy Baker) #5

Thanks Alex,
I really appreciate your feedback and I’m glad you’ve had a chance to take a good look at Teams / Cloud PBX. Our on premises ShoreTel system is end of support next December, so we have some time to explore other options as well.

(Andy Baker) #6

We are also looking at the NEC Univerge 3C.

(Alex Conner) #7

NEC is at best half-in on the PBX market these days. If price is an issue, I can highly recommend 3CX (and would be happy to spec you a system :wink:) If not, then once the answers come in for Teams as far as long-term hardware support go that would be my leaning because the converged aspects are really nice, especially since it simplifies life for your staff a lot.

(Andy Baker) #8

Thanks Alex. Again, I appreciate your response. We may contact you to spec a 3CX system. We had a call with Mirazon today about Teams. We are currently on 0365 Business Premium, but plan to order a couple of E3 or E5 licenses and a couple of phones to test Teams on.

Have a good night and Merry Christmas!