Anyone using ?

Not sure if this is the correct place for this question. I apologize if it is not.

Is anyone using for your church website? Looking to connect with experiences. I’m not familiar with any of the churches listed on their site so I figured here would be a next best shot.

Thanks for any help!

Haven’t heard of them before, but it sounded interesting so I took a quick look into their company… and, fair warning, I’m going to be pretty blunt/direct as I go here… it looks like they sell/host MotoCMS ( as a liquidweb reseller or off of a liquidweb VM. They, oddly enough, claim you shouldn’t use Wordpress for a whole long list of reasons in their blog (mostly FUD) but then have hosted their own site in Wordpress instead of MotoCMS… I think those types of “don’t use product x, use our product y” when they themselves use product x types of pitches are disingenuous and not befitting a kingdom-oriented company (and if they do actually believe their own claims about open source projects then they have an odd perspective on IT security and administration). The sites that I found they are hosting (using a reverse lookup) were numerous and all pretty slow. I can’t say I saw any especially impressive designs either, but I only viewed a handful. I hate to say it, because they are probably nice and well-meaning guys, but if your church was my client and you were with them then I would be pushing and incentivizing you hard to move off this host. :neutral_face:

Thanks, Isaac. This is helpful info. I appreciate you taking the time to do some research on this. I had not heard of them until recently. Pastor asked me about them.

Thank you.