Anyone Use Servant Keeper?

I recently stumbled upon this forum and it appears that most folks are from large churches. We are not that. We’ve got about 350 families on one campus.

When I came on board 6 years ago, the office was using Servant Keeper, the worship folks were using Planning Center Online, Children’s Ministry was using Filemaker, and I can’t remember what our youth group did. I got the CM and youth to use Servant Keeper and we added Pushpay a couple of years ago to handle online giving.

I’d like to ramp up our ChMS a bit and cloud-based seems the way to go. We use PCO a lot more for various Sunday morning volunteer groups but it won’t really meet our need for the various reports we need in the office, Children’s Ministry and Youth Ministry. We don’t need to record giving and the Events portion from eChurch/Pushpay is working well for signing up for events (and paying for them.)

I’ve read a lot around here about different ChMS options but I don’t see much about SK. I think it would help to have our non-tech-minded staff transition to something with which they are comfortable so an upgrade to the cloud version of SK seems like a good idea. The level of SK we are looking at also includes a child check-in feature for free, which would be an upgrade to the paper system we use now.

Did anyone look at SK when you were making your choice? Any thoughts?