Anyone Migrate from CCB to Rock?

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Has anyone moved from CCB to Rock? If so, where there any features that Rock didn’t have that CCB did? How smooth was the migration?


Not sure that would be a good move to make. A church would need a very good reason to abandon a system like CCB in favor of Rock. Rock was one of the systems we looked at, and it had some good features, but had no built in reports or many other features built in to the likes of CCB and MP.
I heard from church staff that we should look at Rock because it is “free”, but only the software itself is free. There is hosting cost, whether internal or provider. You will notice churches that run Rock often have one or more full time IT staff. We do not, I am part time shared between a PK-8 school and a church of 2200, so there would not be time to create the myriad reports and features in Rock that are built in to others like CCB, and that users can easily access themselves.

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Appreciate your feedback. You are using CCB currently?


Migrating to it, will be live by Jan 1.

What where you on previousy? We moved from F1 to CCB…and I’m not looking at moving again.

Sorry I forgot to include our previous ChMS: Logos II, running on local server.

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Dave, we’re a church that has a weekly attendance of about 8,000 and we’re looking at possibly moving from F1 to CCB or Rock RMS, and are in the stage of evaluating the scope to decide if it’s worth it. Looking back on your move, was it worth it for your church?

Hi Julia,

I came on right around the time we were migrating from F1 to CCB, so while I was involved in the transition from a technical standpoint of transferring data, etc. I have very little experience actually utilizing F1. That said, if you tell me the features you are hoping to get from CCB that aren’t in F1, I can tell you any problems I’ve run into with those specific features in CCB.

On a side note, from a financial perspective, it makes more sense to me to invest in an open source solution (e.g., Rock RMS) where one can use the funds usually consumed by licensing fees to have custom functionality built. When a customer purchasing licenses, one has fairly limited input as future feature development (usually).


Thanks for your reply, Dave. I think we’ve ruled out CCB because it can’t
scan check images without going through ProfitStars, so we’re definitely
checking out Rock RMS now. We don’t have a developer on staff though, so it
would be a much bigger transition.

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Yeah, I remember that being something finance noted when we were making the transition as well. Good luck!

I’d also suggest looking at CiviCRM - it is for non-profits generally but used by a number of churches. There are also a number of orgs that do custom work for it.