Anyone interested in some Meraki devices?

(Rob Howell) #1

We just upgraded to Ruckus from Meraki and have some AP’s that we could pass along if anyone is looking to expand their current system. MR16’s. PM me if you have any interest.

(Rob Howell) #2

I have 3 churches in line right now, if these fall through I will update this post. Thanks for the quick replies!

(Andy Baker) #3

Hey Rob, I’m curious to know why you guys moved from Meraki to Ruckus?

(Kevin Hylton) #4

I have Meraki in my shop and I love it. We have AP’s and switches and firewalls. The web front end and cloud management has saved us from having to hire a dedicated network admin. That being said, I have heard the name Ruckus batted around in other circles. I’m curious why you made the move to them?

(Rob Howell) #5

Licensing fees was a big part of it. Ruckus was cheaper and we have been very impressed with the new Ruckus R710’s.


(Andy Baker) #6

Thanks Rob,
Mind if I call you a little later this afternoon for a quick call?