Anyone have opinions on ?

Hi all,

I am the acting tech director (volunteer) for a smaller-size church (120+ in worship per week, back in the good ol’ days of in-person worship!) and we are now revamping the sound system in our sanctuary to support live-casting our services better, as well as in the near future adding video systems with associated audio into the sanctuary.

A pastor friend of mine used and recommended an area pro A/V design/implementation firm, and we are moving forward with the first project, which is to replace the core of our current, dated sound system that uses older commercial amp/mixer units, to go to using a digital soundboard (Allen & Heath Qu-Pac) with a discrete Crown power amp. This will allow us MUCH more flexibility with adding sources to the system, and having different mixes other than the one that goes to the in-sanctuary speakers (we need a separate mix with more sources for the livecast, for instance.)

In any case, the Qu-Pac system is an advanced 32-channel digital mixer with many features; if our current system is a Little Red Wagon, the Qu-Pac is a Tesla :slight_smile: So being a tech guy (in IT 3+ decades), as well as a semi-pro musician, it time to get my learning on with audio mixing… So I went looking for church sound system audio training, and came upon this site:

Looks like it may be just the thing, but want to see if anyone here has used it (and opinions if they have) before I plunk down the ~$100 for the course. Or, if there’s another soundboard mixing training source I should look into, let me know!



ChurchSound BootCamp is a good product. The creator, Curt Taipale, knows
his stuff and really has a heart for the local church. I used it in an
off-line format several years ago for training my team and it is very
in-depth but accessible. I haven’t used the virtual format so I can speak
to the delivery but I know the content is very good.

Great training with great people! Mandatory training for all our new sound techs.

Thanks, fellas! Paid for CSBC on-demand training, and am enjoying learning so far!

Also, joined Curt’s “Church Soundcheck Community” ( and that looks like it will be a good resource as well!