Anybody willing to reciprocate on Veeam backup space?

(Tim Simms) #1

Hey gang –

We’ve got Veeam, and at one point had AWS Glacier set up. We may look into getting that back up and running, but I was wondering if anyone had considered maybe reciprocating on Veeam storage space – meaning, we store ours at your site, and you store yours at our site?

Might not be a great idea, but I thought I’d ask… :slight_smile:


(Jason Tucker) #2

Does Veem provide encryption of the backup data?

(Chris Green) #3

Yes, you can define an encryption key in Veeam and the data is encrypted before transport. This is a requirement with nearly all Veeam Cloud Connect partners in order to use their storage. Without it they can’t pass HIPAA/PCI/etc.