Any Citrix virtual apps and desktops users out there?

Curious if anyone has implemented Citrix virtual apps/desktops -
More curious if you’ve implemented it in a Chromebook environment.

Typically the cost of a Citrix deployment has kept it from being a
reasonable option for anyone I’ve worked with in this space. Especially
given how well RDP and RemoteApp work, and you need all of that licensing on
top of
the Citrix licensing.

@Ncharlet we’ve used Microsoft RemoteApp with a couple applications that required Windows to run, but the user runs with a ChromeOS device as their daily driver. We haven’t had anyone spend all day in the RemoteApp/Remote Desktop session, but it works really well if they need and app that’s Windows only (and not web). We use it right now for QuickBooks and Upward League Manager.

Just keep in mind there is licensing involved, so that has to factor into your TCO.

Microsoft has multiple methods currently available for app delivery, from traditional on-prem hosting, to Azure VM’s, to other Azure app and desktop hosting architectures. Depending on what licensing you may have in place already with Microsoft, you may have some of those available already.

Before Chromebooks I looked at Citrix, but it was too much $ on top of the MS costs for a minimal (and usually unneeded) benefit.


I have architected, built, managed, supported and decommissioned a number of XenApp / XenDesktop environments. I have similar experience with VMWare Horizon (VIEW) and RDP/RDS/RemoteApp. We are building experience in WVD as I type.

These solutions are all subtly different from one another, and best suited for different use cases. There are also a lot of nuances to the licensing and system architecture which differ between the options.

If you want to go into detail on the full extent of your use case (load, location, access patterns, network environments, etc etc etc) then I can give some more targeted advice. Also happy to spend a few minutes and discuss over the phone and point you in a direction, if so PM me.


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We have a good size environment but no one That I know of using Chromebooks. Windows and Mac’s.
Citrix Workspace just works! What are you using, applications or Desktops, or both?