Announcement Kiosks

We are considering using a tablet device to provide announcements beside offering collection boxes in the lobby. The worship team (heavy Mac users) would prefer iPads. These are not point of sale devices, just media display.

What concerns should we be considering; safety, connectivity, security, kids switching to other apps, etc?

As far as safety/security goes, I would highly recommend enrolling them in an MDM solution so that you can use a configuration profile for Single App Mode. We do this for our front desk check-in iPad. It is locked down to just the app that does check-in.

Alternatively, you can use Guided Access mode in a similar way. It locks the iPad to a specific app until you press the home button three times and enter a passcode.

I strongly second this!

JAMF is great for larger deployments, and Cisco’s Meraki MDM (Mobile Device Manager) is a great solution for smaller to larger deployments.

Using an MDM is a MUST, and because MDMs exist I prefer iOS specifically for safety, connectivity, security, etc. I went for years on Meraki’s older free MDM before switching to JAMF and it was wonderful. The newer version has great features and I believe still has a free tier based on the number of devices you have to manage.

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