Android TV box or similar

(andrew nee) #1

We have a handful of LCD TVs that we want to make smart - particularly to get web browsing and YouTube. Does anyone have any suggestions? The option for a dongle or a set top box is fine. Ease of maintenance if any is important. Thanks.

(Justin Moore) #2

Sounds like a Google Chromebit would fit your needs nicely.

(andrew nee) #3

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m thinking along the lines of something that doesn’t need a keyboard (or mouse), but with a remote where an on screen keyboard would pop out when needed. I have an old Roku and before it got outdated it had a YouTube app. But it doesn’t have a web browser I think (it’s been a long time since I last turned it on).

(Philip Havens) #4

We have started using Apple TVs in some cases for this purpose. One requirement that we have is to enable a staff or volunteer with an MacOS or iOS device to send anything from their device to the TV.

(andrew nee) #5

Do you use a shared AppleID account to use it? How about web browsing? From what I have seen, it appears to require a hack to get web browsing ability.
How do you secure the Apple TV?