Amazon Glacier for Long-Term Archives

Is anyone already using Amazon Glacier? A brief glance at pricing for long-term storage makes it seem almost too good to be true, unless I’m misreading something.

Skip Glacier and go with the IA (Infrequent Access) option instead. You’ll skip the retrieval lag and the ridiculous penalty fees for retrieval. Cost is more but not nearly enough more to really impact the feasibility of it.


We have a solid 190 TB in google drive right now. Just praying we won’t have to ever move it.

I am using Glacier. But, Microsoft is offering $5000/yr credit to non-profits to use on Azure. Moving to Azure.

Still figuring out what I am going to do. Microsoft has a Data Protection Manager that will copy files and/or folders on any schedule I set up. I am in the learning curve.

Would love to see what you wind up doing. I’m very tempted to use the $5,000/year for web hosting (inc. SQL server) so we can move all of our core websites off-site (we have about 70 domain names and probably 30 different websites… trying to consolidate, but that may take a few years).

Glacier still seems pretty awesome as we have over 20TB of video on our network right now (not including “cold storage” described below) and I’d love to archive a huge chunk of that to external drives + glacier.

I’d like Glacier to be my safety net with on-site copies. We use multiple SATA drives now that we spin up and do spot checks on each month, but that isn’t super sustainable and we have had several drive failures (which is why we copy to two separate drives stored in different buildings).

As a secondary offsite backup to our media archive, glacier works great … see all for $42.71/mo Reminds me, I need to add some of the 2017 stuff now too.

I would also give backblaze B2 a shot. It looks like amazon lowered their price but with backblaze your files are always on:

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Thanks for all your responses! It’s great to be able to learn from the experiences of others.