Alternative Video Hosting

Hi everyone,

Currently, my church uses CHoP to host our Video (captured through LAO), and, especially for a free client, it has served its purpose well. We are looking to get in to more customized hosting and better integration to our website, as well as better polish overall. Any suggestions for alternative hosting platforms, free or paid?

Thanks! is one alternative. I’m not aware of any others that serve the church market ala ChOP. Although the site seems to be non-op at the moment… has some resources as well… though not updated in a while, remains a wealth of info and processes.

Hope that helps,

You might want to try Haivision. has a good portal that is similar to CHoP. It’s important to find one that is scalable these days. CHoP just released a new version to combat the immense increase in online traffic.

With that said, many of our customers use CHoP.