AireSpring phone outsourcing experience

We are getting ready to replace our antiquated PBX with an outsourced service provider and SIP phones. At this point, the front-runner is AireSpring. Have you ever used them before and what have your experiences been?

Thanks, Greg

What was your selection process? AireSpring seems to be very poorly reviewed online.

Alex - Ouch! The reviews don’t look good for them. We had been looking at features and benefits and are just beginning the due diligence phase looking for input. Funny how my request to the vendor for current references has not yet elicited a response. Looks like it’s back to the drawing board time.

If you post your needs I know of a few vendor who can pop in with recommendations.

Ok, Not sure if self promotion is allowed but my company is a national provider of Hosted VoIP service. We exhibited at the National Conference in Dallas this year. One of the largest differences with us is that we perform an onsite installation and training for every customer. I will hop off my soapbox now. If I can assist, my email is or call 865-409-2446. Ted Strong, VP of Sales CloudNet Group.