Accounting Software and Implementation Costs

Hi Folks,

Looking at upgrading our finance software. From scouring old threads it looks like the most popular option is Intacct. Behind Intacct there is Microsoft Dynamics, ShelbyNext, Ministry Platform, Blackbaud.

Mentions of ACS and QuickBooks seem to be indicative that folks are leaving / hoping to leave these platforms.

The above mentioned threads are aging a bit and I was hoping to poll everyone on what your thoughts are as far as accounting systems now. Are you with the same system? Moved to another? Wish you could move to another?

On a related topic, Iā€™m hearing from our finance folks about quite large implementation costs - e.g., $30k+. Is this normal?


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We are still in the review phase. Still running Shelby V5, but looking at the list above including Intacct, but cost is causing our finance department to review others.

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