Accounting/Finance software

(Kenny Snow) #1

Looking at moving off of a ChMS with built-in finance to one without, so I need to have an accounting solution. Would anyone be willing to share what your finance team using, and what they think about it?

(Ted Bass) #2

We are moving to intacct later this year.

(Jason Powell) #3

We’ve been using Microsoft GP/Dynamics for many years. Our finance team seems to like it. It’s SQL just like our ‘new-er’ ChMS (MP) … so hoping to build some dashboard mashups from both systems down the road.

(Jim Michael) #4

We just moved to Intacct from ACS. Not cheap (they recommend 12mil budget as the lower end of their customer base) but it’s super powerful and SaaS so there’s nothing to implement locally beyond a browser.

(Daniel Berman) #5

We currently use ShelbyNext Financials for finances separate from our Fellowship One for ChMs so this kind of answers your question. The 1st huge benefit to Shelby is that they have decades of experience in the Church finance field in ways that many others don’t. The 2nd is that they are almost completely web based.

(Rush Callahan) #6

We have been using Blackbaud’s Financial Edge. Our former Accountant was instrumental in setting it up. I can’t give any details on how well we like it.

From an IT perspective it is ‘in the cloud’ and I am not responsible for backups or patching - BIG selling point for me.

(Dave Mast) #7

We’re using Intacct and have been for a few years now. Our Business Ops folks are pretty happy with it, and I’m thrilled that my involvement in keeping it running is pretty much non-existent. :slight_smile:

(Todd Lear) #8

We’re in the process of switching to Intacct. A bit pricey but will save a lot of man hours for us.

(Andy Baker) #9

We switched to Intacct a couple years ago as well and our Finance folks love it.

(Jesse McColm) #10

Those of you using Intacct @abaker, @toddlear, and @dmast, are you guys all over the recommended $12 million budget? We are evaluating some different options and I keep seeing this one pop up but our budget is only $6 million.

(Andy Baker) #11

Hey Jesse,
Our budget is $10 million.

(Jim Michael) #12

I’m sure they would take your money :wink: I think the “minimum budget” figure they give is that an org would (typically) need a budget of x size to justify a 15-20k/yr product… but I don’t think the size of your budget (on the low end) makes the product “not work”, it just costs a lot relative to the budget.

(Dave Mast) #13

I’m fairly certain our budget isn’t anywhere near $12M. I’ll check tomorrow and get back to you though with something a little more exact.

Accounting Software and Implementation Costs
(Jesse McColm) #14

Yeah I am sure they would as well. We wouldn’t pay 15-20k/yr for it. Thanks for the feedback.

(Kenny Snow) #15

Thank you guys for your input, it’s a huge help! We’re well under 12M, so 15~20k is out of the question. That’s really helped focus us on the product search!

(Jason Powell) #16

We’ve been using MS GP/Dynamics for many years. Don’t recall the initial cost, but renewals are very reasonable.