Access Control System Recommendations

I’m looking for options for access control. We currently use Lenel OnGuard and are looking at Lenel S2, Brivo, Genetec, and Paxton. Has anyone had experience with any of these systems? Are there others I should consider? We have Mercury boards and do not plan to change door hardware, readers, or wiring.

If you want all the modern amenities, I really like KISI, it’s a bit steep.

If you don’t need the modern amenities, or you really like to roll your own - take a look at using the AXIS A1001 door controllers with either the simplistic AXIS software (up to 30 controllers / 60 doors IIRC) or add a third party software to it.

I also like the look/pricing of the Verkada Access Control product - particularly if your interested in Verkada cameras overall, or at least at entry/egress points.

All of these solutions should work fine with your existing door hardware and wiring just as they sit. However I would recommend putting any of these door controllers near your doors and running Cat6 to them if at all possible. Long door control wires seem to be a magnet for trouble over time “modern” door controllers are typically much better suited to being located close to the doors.

We recently evaluated options and decided on Openpath. This is partly due to their integration with our camera system, intrusion alarm, and radios (all consolidated under Motorola).

I’m a fan of Infinias by 3xlogic. It is reasonably priced, easy to install, and scales well. We have 10 buildings on the system and it works great. All web based and doesn’t require any special plugins or client side software. You can do self install as well.

We use Entrapass Corporate Edition by a Canadian company, Kantech (which has been bought by Tyco) It is a robust system that has integration with Events2HVAC that links our Rock DB to both our HVAC system and our Access Control system allowing us to streamline both the door opening and HVAC process. We have been using it for several years now and have no major complaints.

We are using OpenPath. Super easy to use and syncs with our IdP for automated provisioning. We even utilize a Rock/Okta workflow to grant volunteer access through a mobile credential after they have completed an access agreement.

We use Avigilon and are very happy with it. Nothing proprietary about it, accepts most major brands of hardware. Overall it’s a great choice for us.