2019 Workshop Call for Ideas and Presenters

Hey Folks! Planning for the Fall conference is cranking along! Remember, this event is FOR YOU. Please let us know what training/panels YOU want to see this fall. In other words, please don’t make us have to guess what you want :slight_smile:
If there’s a topic you might be interested in teaching, we have a separate form for you to submit your workshop idea(s) here: WORKSHOP SUBMISSION FORM

Again, we REALLY WANT your feedback and input on this. As a reference here’s some of what’s been offered in the recent past …

Fall 2016:
Protecting your Ports with Portnox
Wi-Fi Q&A Panel
SQL Server Administration
Office 365 Nuts and Bolts
Mobile Trends Shaping Church Technology
7 Trends in Tech that will Impact Engagement in Your Church
Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning with Hyper-V
One Man IT Shop
Veeam Backups
All Things Mac Panel
Windows Server 2016 Overview
Doing more with less
My Well Ministry - Saving Churches $Millions$
Shell we be Friends - Automating the mundane
The Future of Live Mobile Church Broadcasting
Glass Churches: Cybersecurity at your Church?
JAMF Admin Exchange
How to Get Documentation For Staff to Work!
Unified Messaging and VoIP Panel
Who are these people? Guest Analytics and On Premise Digital Engagement
Living As One - Video Delivery over IP
You’re replacing my macbook with… WHAT??? - A journey to Chromebooks
The Three Stages of Video Streaming for Churches

Fall 2017
How to lead in your marriage while working in ministry
jamf Forum
PowerShell 101 (Why you need it and how to get started)
The integration of Facilities and IT
Why AV Teams Want Networked Infrastructure
How to train your Unicorn
SEO Your Church
PowerShell 102 (Making PowerShell work for you)
Microsoft UC Experience - Skype Online Cloud PBX
MS SQL Server Performance Tips and Tricks
Application Whitelisting Cookbook: Hold the Malware!
Reaching a church without walls
Convincing your Pastor to use social media
Getting things done
How to help your staff avoid Cyber Security hacks and Ransomware
Automation To Make Your Life Easier
Wi-Fi engagement/Guest Analytics
Tying it All Together
Javascript Wizardry
Exchange to Office 365 ( how to get there with the least amount of pain )
Optimizing church wifi
IT Security in 2018
All things Mac - panel
Lessons learned in Outsourcing Development Projects
Office 365 - More than just free email hosting
Delivering Video to Multisites with Living As One
Wifi Panel
Empowering your staff with forms
Navigating the World of Donated and Discounted Technology – TechSoup and Beyond

Fall 2018
What is Microsoft Teams?
AVL Networking
Wifi Best Practices
Chrome OS
Church Online is NOT Fake NEWS
Apple Management Roundtable
Live Streaming 101
Office 365 Collaboration
VLANs Best Practices
On Prem to Azure?
ChMS Sessions of all kinds

We’ll also be doing Ten-Talks again, but you’ll find that in another thread …

If you’d rather not comment publicly you can shoot an email to info at churchitnetwork dot com

Thanks! Looking forward to an amazing event this fall!

Almost hate to suggest it because you’ve had workshops on it the last couple of years when I wasn’t able to attend, but any advanced Office 365 workshops would be great.


Teams as a phone system and communication platform.


@kmiles for sure there will be O365 content :slight_smile:

Options for kiosk mode software and best hardware.

I know it was done last year but I missed the DC conference so I am interested in the one prem to azure talk, either this year or via notes taken and/or the presentation from that session. I’d also like tips for Google apps to office 365.