2019 TenTalk Call for Presenters

You’ve heard of Ted Talks right? Short presentations that get right to the point. We started doing these at the Spring 2013 event and the feedback was very positive! We call them ‘TenTalks’ – short 10min max presentations on a topic, tool, gadget, etc that you really dig or have a passion for.

Who are the presenters? YOU ARE!

Please ponder then let us know what YOU’D like to present. Don’t want to present, but wish someone would spend 10min on a certain topic, tool, etc? Leave a comment and maybe someone will step up (be sure to clarify if you’re interested in presenting or wanting someone to present on a topic)

Some idea starters … web dev tools, helpdesk tools/tips/tricks, personal productivity, remote support, SQL best practices, social media analytics, training tools or methodologies, OSX on a windows network, wireshark tips/tricks, leading up, etc.

This is not a place to brag or boast, it’s an opportunity to share your knowledge/story with your peers.

Sooooo let us know what you’re interested in presenting. Topic duplications are fine at this point, well hammer out specifics later. Submit your ideas here: TENTALK FORM

For reference here are some prior IT Ten-Talks:

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We look forward to your submissions!