2019 Regional Host Sites - Registration Now Open

(Theresa Pluckter) #21

Regional host should have received an invite to the Slack instance CITN18 - we will use the #regional_events channel to communicate all Regional host details. If you have trouble getting onto the slack instance, email me.


(Jim Michael) #22

Does anyone have deets on the Kansas City RT, or if it’s even still happening? It’s the only site without a link to more detail

(Theresa Pluckter) #23

I am trying to reach Cliff or one of the guys at Westside. I will let you know when I hear something?

(Travis Phipps) #24

For the Texas (Dallas) roundtable. The address listed is for one location but the URL provided is a different campus/location. Can someone confirm for us which campus/location/address is correct for Tuesday?

(Theresa Pluckter) #25

I will look into it and get the correct address posted…Thanks for the heads up

(Theresa Pluckter) #26

I am about to update the post but here is the TX address:
701 East Interstate 30, Rockwall, TX

(Jim Michael) #27

For anyone going to the KC event… I’ll be in KC around 5 Monday night, so if anyone wants to do dinner hit me up! CITRT Slack is probably the best place to get my attention vs. here, though.

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