2017 Conference IT Workshops - what would you like to learn/discuss?

Hey Folks! Planning for the Fall National event is cranking along! Remember, this event is FOR YOU. Please let us know what training/panels YOU want to see for the fall. Please don’t make us have to guess what you want :slight_smile:
OR if there’s a workshop you might be interested in teaching we have a separate form for you to fill out here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1e5Xmh5PrmrHaBtrCA-6UskvU7G46F2gLJk98bNIjdBk/viewform

Again, we REALLY NEED your feedback and input on this. As a reference here’s what’s been offered in the past

Spring 2012:
VMware and Network Infrastructure Part 1
MS Exchange Installation/Upgrade/DAG/Best Practices Part 1
VoIP – Can you hear me now?
VMware and Network Infrastructure Part 2
MS Exchange Installation/Upgrade/DAG/Best Practices Part 2
Wireless Networking – Designing the Right Solution
Web Development – Best Practices In Software Quality And Productivity

Spring 2013:
Foundations of Highly Available Infrastructure
VoIP – Can You Hear Me Now?
Exchange 2013 / 2010
OSX in Active Directory Panel DIscussion
Wifi Design and Improvements
Wowza and EC2 Streaming
From 0 to basic live streaming with EC2 and Wowza AND with a low budget.
ChMS Shootout!
Office 365 Enterprise Preview Demo
Ruckus Wireless
Multisite Panel Discussion

Fall 2013:
WiFi Design and Improvements – GKamer
VOIP/Telecom Essentials – CGreen, JLee
Building an IP cross compatibility platform for content delivery with Zixi –ZIXI Team
Networking 101 – DHunter
VOIP/Lync Roundtable – CGreen, JLee
Office365 & Windows Azure – CCB
Mobility: Simplifying the Mobility Maze – CDW Team
IT Leadership – LifeChurch.tv Team
Virtualization with Hyper-V – Higher Ground Team
Troubleshooting your exchange server – How to get and keep Exchange up and runnning! – EBuford
Streaming 101 for Web & Site-to-Site – CKehayais
Networking 201 – DHunter
Wowza Advanced Topics w/ Q&A – IBeyer
Ruckus Wireless Solutions – GKamer
Let’s Fix Your IT Problem – DHunter & Co
Cybersecurity, Relativity, and Bullriding – CLamb (FBI)
Veeam Backup & Replication – JMoore
Introduction to Metrics through Tableau – JMacBrown, BSwaby
WiFi open Q&A – GKamer, TTemplin

Fall 2014:
How to thrive as a solo IT shop
Mac Discussions
Ministry Analytics
All things streaming panel discussion
Designing for resilience with Windows Hyper-V
Designing Wi-Fi that just works
IT Leadership panel discussion
Lync and Exchange – Better together
Networking Basics
My Boss knows nothing about IT
Stump the Chumps
Office 365: Intro and migration basics
Veeam Me Up

Fall 2015:
All Things Mac PanelNetworking 101 – The Basics
The Microsoft UC Experience
Hyper-V and SQL Administration
Ministry Analytics – Decision Support for Your Ministry
Networking 201 – Applying the basics.
Wifi Panel
Office 365 migration using DirSync and Exchange Hybrid
Streaming panel
BYOP (Bring Your Own Plans) High Capacity Wi-Fi Design for Churches
One man IT Shop
state of uc / voip / pbx / phones panel
Automate software deployment on OSX

Fall 2016:
Protecting your Ports with Portnox
Wi-Fi Q&A Panel
SQL Server Administration
Office 365 Nuts and Bolts
Mobile Trends Shaping Church Technology
7 Trends in Tech that will Impact Engagement in Your Church
Backup and Disaster Recovery Planning with Hyper-V
One Man IT Shop
Veeam Backups
All Things Mac Panel
Windows Server 2016 Overview
Doing more with less
My Well Ministry - Saving Churches $Millions$
Shell we be Friends - Automating the mundane
The Future of Live Mobile Church Broadcasting
Glass Churches: Cybersecurity at your Church?
JAMF Admin Exchange
How to Get Documentation For Staff to Work!
Unified Messaging and VoIP Panel
Who are these people? Guest Analytics and On Premise Digital Engagement
Living As One - Video Delivery over IP
You’re replacing my macbook with… WHAT??? - Our journey to Chromebooks
The Three Stages of Video Streaming for Churches

  • PRESENTERS fill out this form to toss your idea(s) into the hat for review *

We’ll also be doing Ten-Talks again, but you’ll find that in another thread … ditto for the Web/Dev stuff.

If you’d rather not comment publicly you can shoot an email to info at citrt dot org.

Thanks! Looking forward to an amazing event this fall!

Working smart and protecting PII: IT’s role in developing reasonable policies and responsible procedures that help users protect donors, volunteer and constituent personally identifiable information. People still need to do their job but they need to do it in a way that doesn’t put PII at risk.

I find myselfy using Windows PowerShell more and more for O365 administration, as well as some AD tasks. Scripting and programming is not necessarily in my IT sweetspot.
I would love a session on using Windows Powershell, particularly, for 0365 and AD admin.


Some ideas,

  • JAMF and Mac Administration 101 (How to start from just a bunch of Macs and get them organized and managed.)
  • JAMF and Mac Administration 201 (Now that everything is enrolled in JAMF, what does a well managed Mac Network look like)
  • New Innovative uses for the iPad (Up to and including replacing Mac laptops with them, following the #iPadOnly trend on Twitter)
  • Theology of Technology Discussions (How we can help the Church utilize technology for the Kingdom not just in Church, but in everyone’s daily life? How do we confront the attention economy that sites like Google, Amazon, Facebook and Twitter depend on to survive, with our congregations?)
  • Building community through assisting other Churches with Church IT either across town or on a missions trip.
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PowerShell for Dummies, OneDrive vs local, OneDrive for collaboration, and a repeat of SQL administration, Hyper-V, Disaster Recovery, and One Man IT never hurts.

Already have 2 powershell workshops in the pipeline :slight_smile:
keep the ideas flowin’!

I could probably present on the process we went through to change from nwoods.org to northwoods.church for on-prem Exchange, Skype for Business, Office 365, etc. if anyone is interested in that.

I have extensive knowledge of marketing and social media plans and could present how to build an integrated marketing plan that focuses on the Gospel. Has anyone ever presented something like this from a church communications standpoint?

I’ll second the guy above who talked about Theology of Technology Discussions. Some of the questions I have had rattling around: When is IT not the answer? How much IT is enough? How do I design policies and systems that will outlive my church’s IT position?

Also, Networking for Dummies.

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