2016 Conference Feedback

If you were at the event and haven’t filled out the event survey please do so at http://surveymonkey.com/r/churchit2016

If you have further feedback on the event, we (leadership team) would love to hear it!


JP, and the rest of the team, I for one LOVED having worship to start the first two days. Would be awesome to get it all three days but I understand that it is quite the commitment for the band.


Thanks for the feedback @jeck_81!

My first post in the new forum. Hello world. I did the survey even though I’m a vendor. So, the results are now skewed.

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@kevmccord uh, thanks? :slight_smile:

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My first national, Loved it!!! Thanks @JeremyGood for bringing me. :floppy_disk:

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This was my first time attending, and I have to say that I had a great time! Can’t wait for next year!

I already took the survey, but realized I didn’t make this comment:
I would have liked to see one more roundtable session… was kinda missing that!


This was my first National as well. I loved every minute of it! I already plan to attend next year and bring some colleagues along as well. Thanks for all the hard work that was put in to make this a success!

Thanks for the feedback folks! Keep it coming!

  • Worship time in the mornings was kickin’ – I loved that.
  • Keynote speakers were strong.
  • The 60-minute breakouts and 90-minute roundtable sessions were time-allotted pretty much perfectly.
  • Topic coverage for the breakouts was really good.
  • I would’ve liked maybe one more roundtable breakout, but really that schedule was PACKED so I understand.

Also, huge kudos to NewSpring staff and volunteers. Every space we used at Anderson campus was clean and well kept-up, and there wasn’t a person down there I talked to that didn’t make me feel welcome there.


I second @dmast’s post above. NewSpring staff rocked it. Outstanding service and sense of warmth made everyone feel welcome and went out of their way to accommodate even the smallest needs.
I enjoyed the worship time, too! You should have an IT guys worship set - I’d be willing to bet there were at least a half-dozen skilled musicians among the attendees… :wink:


I would certainly take my bass guitar with me if given the opportunity. Or drumsticks (if the local players don’t mind their kit being flipped to left-hand).

My First National. Loved it and it was great seeing the intentionality with the keynotes, worship, after-hours, etc. Great job and what an incredible value for the registration cost to attend. Well done.


I also filled out the survey but comments here reminded me that I also felt the need for one more roundtable. Don’t know where we’d squeeze it in but I often learn the most at those.
(PS. I’ll stop killing community and add my headshot when I get back home. Vacationing post-conference.)

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Don’t know where you put it in, during a lunch or some other time, but having a dedicated time where we divide up in to regional areas so we can connect with churches close to us. There’s so many people there that you have to just stumble upon someone in your neck of the woods.

Regardless, you guys rocked it yet again.


Second the suggestion about regional break outs. This was my first national and I only knew one other person from the Pacific Northwest at the start and end of the conference. This could also be useful for breaking the ice to start planning for regionals if some of the people involved have met in person at least once.

NewSpring was absolutely awesome. It was awesome to see helpful volunteers who seemed to have a genuine understanding of why they were there. Huge encouragement to see them turn out for people who commonly serve behind the scenes.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to Newspring Church and the CITN Leadership Team for another awesome event!

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A few times in the past we’ve started the event with attendees assigned to tables by state (signs on the tables). We didn’t have round tables this year in the main room, but sounds like if we did folks would like that. Thanks for the feedback.