2 livestream questions

  1. I can use our Panasonic video camera to live-stream through Zoom but neither Facebook nor YouTube can see the camera. The camera is connected to the PC with a HDMI to USB Magwell capture device. Do I need some sort of middle-ware or codec for fb and yt to see the camera?

  2. We need to host a live event where the master of ceremonies and the speaker will be in two different locations. This is a one-to-many event. We thought we would use YouTube to live-stream it. Apparently this is no longer simple in YouTube. Is there some sort of software I can use to facilitate this?

You can use your phone to stream on Facebook. I do not know about the Magwell capture device. We use a Boxcast service and interface to stream on Youtube and Facebook.

For your one-to-many event, take a look at https://streamyard.com/. You can simulcast it to YouTube and Facebook. They have a free version. To remove their branding, you can upgrade to a paying subscription.

For the one-to-many, if you’re feeling really really technical, you can run NDI over the internet. We haven’t done this in production, but have tested with it in an attempt to do video from many places closer to synchronously. There was a tad too much latency to do live music over it, but it was way better than any other method we’ve come up with.