14 Linksys SPA942 for Free


We’ve got 14 Linksys SPA942 IP Phones that to my knowledge work, but not with our current VoIP provider (8x8), so I’m trying to find a good home for them. I’d rather not just throw them away or dump them off at Salvation Army.

We’re located in Dallas and would be happy to ship if you can cover cost, or make your way to our office for pickup.!


Grace and Peace,

Hey Kevin,
I might be interested in them for a Private School here in Waco. I’ll even be up in DFW this Friday. Let me check to see if they’ll work with the system we have.


Update…they will totally work. I would love to grab them while i’m in DFW on Friday if possible. Let me know.

Yeah that sounds great. PM me for contact info and our address. I should be available most of Friday except lunch. I’ll be leaving around 4-4:30.